A Note From The Owner

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As both a consumer and business owner, I recognize the importance of business growth as well as the value of customer relationships.

From my outlook as a consumer, it is important to me that any company I deal with treats me with honesty and integrity. I also expect the business to focus on my needs as their customer, versus their needs as a company, otherwise why would I spend my money with them?

From a business perspective, it is important that I retain customers over long periods of time, and to succeed I must keep them happy. In order to accomplish this I need to develop a trust-centered relationship, provide a choice of quality products at competitive prices, and offer services that exceed those of my competitors.

From my experience, many businesses view these two concepts as if they conflict with each other. Their notion seems to be, that to make the business profitable, they have to take short cuts in services provided to their patrons. These companies will also trim costs by reducing the quality and longevity of their products, forcing more frequent replacement. In the end, they make decisions based on the short-term benefits of quick profit, at the expense of the long-term relationship (and thus business longevity).

I believe these two philosophies are mutually supportive and not in conflict. One cannot exist without the other.

To stay in business for the long-haul, you must make the patient or consumer your primary interest and the company must be responsible for stellar behavior. Maintaining high quality products and services increases customer satisfaction and leads to referrals. Reducing these requirements, often leads to the downward spiral of a failing business.

In my position as a business owner, I get to practice what I seek as a consumer.

Treasure Coast Opticians and Hillmoor Optical provide excellent services that make our patients very happy with their vision care. We provide exceptionally thorough eye exams, budget to designer eyewear selection, and frames that are hand selected for our collection — many from countries other than China. And importantly, our highly skilled staff excels at what they do.

Attention to these details satisfies requirements for both philosophies, actually creating one unified theory of commerce –- at least from my perspective.

As owner, I can sincerely say that I am proud of the high level of integrity and trust in all of our business and personal relationships. I am proud of my staff and the vendors that supply us, because they support these ideals in small ways often hidden to the public eye.

I personally invite you to stop in and see for yourself how we put this philosophy into action.


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A Note from the owner

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